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My name is Becky and I’m a Movologist. My job is to help you move into your new home, at ZERO cost to you! Yes, I work for you, for free to connect your utilities and arrange home services!

Our trusted providers

We have an ever expanding list of providers we work with, we want to make sure we find you the best possible offer. While we do not have whole of market providers, we make sure our partners fight for your business, and as always, there is no commitment to switch.

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Pay TV




Truck Hire


Carpet Cleaning

and more…

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Why use a service like this?

Expert Local Advice

Our Movologists are trained to assist you with as many aspects of your move as possible. They will talk you through the services available in your new area and explain the plans that will best suit your needs.


Moving home is usually an expensive experience, so we’re taking some pressure off by giving you a helping hand when you move for free! Yes, that’s right… utilise our concierge service for free.

Save time

Don’t spend hours on the phone arranging connections and booking services. Use the Movologist service and complete your move in minutes!


Everyone likes to arrange their move differently, so we have an assistant option to suit everyone. Arrange your move online, via app in the palm of your hands, using Alexa or google, or speak to a locally based Movologist.

Choice of Providers

Our customers deserve choice when selecting a utility or service provider so we have a panel of local leading providers enabling you to select the ones that best suit your needs.


The Movologist service is independently owned. This means that we are not owned by an energy retailer and we do not push one particular brand. We strive to offer the best services and give our clients options.

Seems like a no brainer doesn't it? Free Service, and Save Time, why wait?

We always get great feedback, why wouldn’t we, it’s win win, we help you move, it takes a few minutes as opposed to 6 – 8 hours phoning around or filling in forms, and you get the same deal as if you went direct.

Fantastic service

Fantastic service! They got me a great deal with a great green energy supplier. Great service

Danai Vr DanaiV
26 Nov 2020
So easy to get done and dusted

So easy to get done and dusted! Victoria was so helpful, and it didn’t take long for us to get internet, gas and electric, water AND council tax set up which was a massive weight off our minds amidst moving. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Victoria

Natalie Kay
15 Nov 2020
Helpful all set up

Helpful all set up
great service
one less moving worry to think about

Larissa Reavey
13 Nov 2020
Very helpful service

Very helpful service. Honest people and will work themselves around your schedule. Highly recommended.

Iwan Evans
29 Oct 2020
A quality stress free experience…

A quality stress free experience getting our first rental in Queensland. We got our dream house in the perfect area of Brisbane. Communication was so good and made the whole process an absolute breeze thank you so much would recommend 100%

Steve Mullen
09 Oct 2020
Amazing Service For Moving Home

I managed to organise all of my home services thay I needed all online from my sofa, thanks Movinghub for making my move stress free!

John Anderton
10 Sep 2020
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To interact with your Amazon Alexa simply say "Alexa, help me move home". Alexa will guide you through the process in a few minutes.

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To interact with your Google Assistant simply say "Hey Google, talk to, help me move home". Google Assistant will guide you through the process in a few minutes.

Some FAQ’s

Our expert Movologists have been involved in and trusted by more than 600,000 home movers.

How long is the process?

Arranging your home move will usually take 8-9 hours of you being on the phone and on hold with mulitple providers. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient and seamless service that saves you significant time when connecting utilities and essential services.

Does your service cost money?

The Movologist service is completely free to you, there are no hidden charges or fees to use our convenient service.

Can we choose a provider?

With Movologist you have the choice of multiple service providers for utilities and home services. We are independently owned to enable our customers to choose providers that suit their needs and budget.

Is our personal data safe?

Your data is always safe with us. You own your data and information, we never sell it onto external parties.

Have any questions? Contact Us.

We protect your information, we do not provide it to anyone until you approve us to switch you to the new provider, and we will NEVER sell your information to anyone at anytime.

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