We. Help. You. Move. Home

My name is Becky and I’m a Movologist. My job is to help you move into your new home, at ZERO cost to you! Yes, I work for you, for free to connect your utilities and arrange home services!

Choose how you want me to help below.

How does it work?

I knew you were wondering that! My colleagues and I are passionate about making your move painless while also helping you save money on your bills. We can connect your utilities and arrange home services when you move home, and it’s all done in 3 easy steps…

Choose how you want to Move

You can use our online move experience, talk with one of our experts or use our mobile App, all designed to get everything done as conveniently as possible as quickly as possible, once you’ve chosen how you want to move, our team jump in.

Our team support you at all times

One of our team will be assigned to be your Movologist, someone who specialises in helping you move, connect multiple services all at one time and save you hours of work ensuring you get the best deals.

Select Your Services and Sit back

Once you’ve selected the services and providers, sit back and we make sure everything is ready for you on the day you move in, a lot of things all need to come together on move day, so leave your utilities and other home services to us and enjoy the day.

We do this because research has shown that people find moving home more stressful than having a baby, getting divorced, starting a new job or getting married…. crazy right!

Have Questions? Contact Us.

We protect your information, we do not provide it to anyone until you approve us to organise your services, and we will NEVER sell your information to anyone at anytime.

We. Care. About. Your. Move.

Services I can help you with...





Pay Tv




Truck Hire


Carpet Cleaning

and more…

Some FAQ’s

  • Arranging your home move will usually take 8-9 hours of you being on the phone and on hold with mulitple providers. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient and seamless service that saves you significant time when connecting utilities and essential services.
  • With Movologist you have the choice of multiple service providers for utilities and home services. We are independently owned to enable our customers to choose providers that suit their needs and budget.
  • The Movologist service is completely free to you, there are no hidden charges or fees to use our convenient service.
  • Your data is always safe with us. You own your data and information, we never sell it onto external parties.

Our expert Movologists have been involved in and trusted by more than 600,000 home movers.

Why use a Service like this?

Expert local advice

Our Movologists are trained to assist you with as many aspects of your move as possible. They will talk you through the services available in your new area and explain the plans that will best suit your needs.

Save Time

Don’t spend hours on the phone arranging connections and booking services. Use the Movologist service and complete your move in minutes!

Choice of Providers

Our customers deserve choice when selecting a utility or service provider so we have a panel of local leading providers enabling you to select the ones that best suit your needs.


Moving home is usually an expensive experience, so we’re taking some pressure off by giving you a helping hand when you move for free! Yes, that’s right… utilise our concierge service for free .


Everyone likes to arrange their move differently, so we have an assistant option to suit everyone. Arrange your move online, via app in the palm of your hands, using Alexa or google, or speak to a locally based Movologist.


The Movologist service is independently owned. This means that we are not owned by an energy retailer and we do not push one particular brand. We strive to offer the best services and give our clients options.

Seems like a no brainer doesn't it? Free Service, and Save Time, why wait?

We always get great feedback, why wouldn’t we, it’s win win, we help you move, it takes a few minutes as opposed to 6 – 8 hours phoning around or filling in forms, and you get the same deal as if you went direct.

I moved into my place and then realised there was no power. I googled and found Movologist, they were able to get me a same day connection with no lock-in contract and made my first night at my new place very comfortable indeed.

Jack Turner

I had no idea what I was doing when I moved into my flat but this service made it easy. I was taken through the whole move process and connected the services I needed, there was no pressure from the Movologist, they just helped with what I needed. Thanks for making my first move simple.

Danni Martin

They really took the hassle out of my move and it was great to be given choice from a range of energy providers. I thought a convenient service like this would cost me money but it was free! I'll definitely be using Movologist again for future moves.

Leilani Penman

I live in the UK and liaised with Kayleigh as I needed only a short term connection for when I came home at Easter, in order to tidy up my rental property. Kayleigh suggested a few suppliers to suit my needs and organised the connection for me. Couldn’t have been a simpler process. Many thanks.

Kylie White

Alex was really helpful and it was super quick to organise. I'd highly recommend the services of Movologist and will definitely be using them again for future moves.

Luke Olsen

Thanks, team for being helpful and patient when connecting our services.

Carmel Montero

We don’t currently service the country you live in but we can still help you if you’re moving to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, or the UK.

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