Movologist is Powered by Movinghub and part of the Tili Group.

My name is Michael and I am the Group CEO of Movinghub, a utility connection company that helps people get all their utilities connected when they move into their new home, we offer this service in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, we do this because research has shown that people find moving home more stressful than having a baby, getting divorced, starting a new job or getting married…. crazy right!
Why we started Movologist
The Movologist service was created to offer home movers a convenient and comprehensive way to arrange utility connections and other essential moving services at their own leisure or with expert assistance.
Movologist is independently owned and offers consumers a choice of energy retailers, internet providers, removalists, cleaners and more.
There are several ways someone can arrange their move, one option is to chat with a Movologist over the phone and be guided through the move process and the available services. Another option is via chat online or over the Movologist App. Movers can also instigate their move via Alex or Google home and a Movologist will call them to complete arrangements over the phone. Movologist also offers a full online move service where a customer can arrange their move via our online form and they can select service and providers of their choice.
Movers are able to connect utilities such as electricity, gas, water, broadband and paytv as well as obtain quotes from removalists, packers, cleaners, hire trucks, insurance and more.  

We hope you try and enjoy the benefits of this convenient and free service today!